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What Makes Babylon20 lessons Unique? 

Babylon20 lesson is a speaking-focused, 25-minute long, online group language lesson. Each lesson is taught by a live Instructor in a round-robin style where students are guided through a series of fun memory and pronunciation exercises. Topics range from medicine and education to business and conversational English. 

When are Babylon20 lessons? 

Babylon20 lesson starts at a scheduled time. 

Monday - Friday

11.00 AM London (UTC+0 ) 

1.00 PM Cairo (UTC+2 ) 

2.00 PM Moscow (UTC+3 ) 

3.30 PM Kabul (UTC+4:30 ) 

4.30 PM Indian (UTC+5.30)

5.00 PM Bangladesh (UTC+6.00)

6.00 PM Thailand (UTC+7.00)

6.00 PM Vietnam (UTC+7.00)

7.00 PM Manila (UTC+8)

8.00 PM Japan (UTC+9)

How Babylon20 lesson works? 

The lesson continues 25 minutes.  There are only 1 teacher and 2 students.

15 minutes you will use to study grammar and 10 minutes you will practice your knowlege in free speaking practice with a teacher.

How to Prepare

  1. Download the Zoom video conferencing app on your smartphone (iOS & Android) or computer before your Drill starts. Make sure you give Zoom permission to use your microphone. 

  2. During the lesson, you may do not use your camera and use only a microphone.  

  3. Follow the link you get in your E-mail after booking, at a scheduled time. ​

If you miss a call

Let us know one day before a call if you can't join a booked lesson.

We offer you another time to study for free.

You can use this way only one time per one lesson. 

How much does it cost?

One lesson 25 minutes long costs $2.5


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