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looking for speaking partners

We are here! Just join our calls!


Why speaking partners

prefer Discord other  voice platforms:

1. no 40 minutes limitation

2 every day the same link
3 it works 24/7
4 has several rooms with different topics
5 has several chats with different topics. (like whatsapp) 
6 you can make face-to-face calls.
7 your messages are always saved
8 you can send texts. links pics, videos.
9 you can change the room any time without  Admin

10 do not need to make a call. It works 24/7

anything else? what you can add?

discord example.JPG

Dear Speaking Partners!

Every day we speak for 8 hours non-stop. 

If you like to 

  • speak with us, 

  • feel comfort during a call,

  • speak with natives and teachers for free...

Please find a time and even $1-2  

to make a donation.


How can I help this project? 

shares, likes, donates, e.t.c. 

look here...


Drastically improve your English

prepare  to pass Exams

Lessons with teachers

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