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Thank you for visiting this page.

This means for us that you like our project, you use it and, as a token of gratitude, would like to do something good with all your heart.


I am ready to support financially.

Material support is very important to us now. We have a lot of ongoing maintenance costs. We are sincerely happy with every dollar.

Thank you for your support!

I support you with $1 from my heart!
I gift you a cup of coffee, thank you guys!
Gratefully to our leaders.
Thank you for your time!
Put my name on the honor board! 
I love your project!

Direct donations via PayPal


I want to do something useful for

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- like our page on Facebook  Speaking Partners

-mark 5 stars our facebook page

- share our page and posts with your friends

- invite your friends to join us and to speak with us!

Below is a video, how to invite friends.

- invite your friends who are fluent in English to talk with us

- record a voice message and we will put it on our website. Thank you!

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