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We speak for 5 hours every  day: 
from 12-00 PM UTC+0 London time
till  5-00 PM UTC+0 London time

Here is a zoom link.  Press this link when a call starts.

- When the call starts?

On the Main page, you can see the countdown. It helps to know, how many time left before we start.

We start:

9.00 AM Costa Rica (UTC-6)

3.00 PM London (UTC+0 ) 

5.00 PM Cairo (UTC+2 ) 

6.00 PM Moscow (UTC+3 ) 

7.30 PM Kabul (UTC+4:30 ) 

8.30 PM Indian (UTC+5.30)

9.00 PM Bangladesh (UTC+6.00)

10.00 PM Thailand (UTC+7.00)

10.00 PM Vietnam (UTC+7.00)

11.00 PM Manila (UTC+8)

12.00 PM Japan (UTC+9)

We split a call on small (breakout) rooms when:

1. There are no native speakers or a teacher

2. There are more than 10 participants

How to behave in a small room without a leader:

1. Find a set of questions /Website/ WhatsApp chat/Facebook page/
2. Paste a list of questions in a common zoom chat
3. If you want to have more speaking practice  - Be brave and start to answer the first question.
4. Answer only the one question and try to fit in 2-3 minutes.
5. When you finish - ask the next person.
6. If there are new participants - paste a set of questions again.
7. If you want to ask somebody but he is not responding - do not spend too much time, skip him to the next time.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about :
How does it work?

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