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Free English
speaking practice online
with natives and teachers
Whats is
1.  It's a Free English Speaking Practice online
2. We speak with natives and teachers.
3. We speak English for free online 
4. We speak every day. Sometimes we have 6-8  hours of speaking practice non-stop!

How to join?

Here We use the zoom. You can download the zoom application or join us using your browser. 

Follow this link when a call starts.

When does the call start?

On the Main page, you can see the countdown. It helps to know, how much time left before we start

Normally, we have two calls:

1. 12-00 London time  (UTC+0)

2. 15-00 London time  (UTC+3)

Постоянное заседание


looking for a speaking partner - 

We are here!

We are speaking every day.

Just join our calls!


To chat and get news join:


To practice your spoken English we speak everyday at the same time!

- Every Wednesday with natives from USA

english tenses back-to-the-future.jpg
English tenses
4 days

90 minutes lessons and you will be a guru and probably can teach English tenses!


- experienced teacher
- no more afraid about tenses. Forever.
- no too much attention to unused tenses
- a lot of speaking practice 

- set of phrasal verbs

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