05/15 What is life?

1. What is life?

2. Where do you live? In a rural area or urban, and why?

3. Which is a better option, life in a rural area or urban?

4. Is there any difference between the behavior of people in a rural area than urban?

5. What do you prefer Luxurious life or simple rural life?

6. Do you remember any fair in your village?

7. Is there any difference between the outfits people wearing in a rural and urban areas?

8. What attracts you to metro cities?

9. Why life in metro cities is very busy?

10 Whom do you think is healthier or stronger? People in a rural area or urban?

11 What type of society do you want to live in?

12. How many contact numbers do you have in your cellphone and can you contact each one of them one in a year?

13. Do you feel social media connects people?14. Does your family members warn you when you use your cell phone excessively?

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