07/01 Corruption

  1. What kinds of corruption are there?

  2. Has corruption affected your life?

  3. Why do you think people are corrupt.

  4. Can corruption be a good thing?

  5. How do you reduce corruption?

  6. Which countries have a lot of corruption?

  7. What can you do about corruption in your country?

  8. How do you remove corrupt workers from their jobs?

  9. What is the largest bribe you have paid?

  10. Can corruption be a good thing in some societies?

  11. What would you do if your boss tells you that at Christmas it is usual to receive small presents from local companies?

  12. Would you accept a free ticket for a football match, a free drink by virtue of your position?

  13. What would you do if you receive a complaint from a citizen of an attempted bribery from a police officer?

  14. Do you think corrupt police officers are natural-born criminals?

  15. Do you know a corruption case?

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