08/01 Creativity

1. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why? 2. What is something creative that you have done? 3. Is creativity a good thing? Why or why not? 4. What are some ways that a person can be creative? 5. Is taking a risk part of creativity? 6. Do you like to take risks? Give an example 7. Do you often ask question the way things work? 8. Do you like to improve things? 9. What are some creative ways to entertain children? 10. Can you think of a device that would make people's life easier? 11. How does self-confidence affect a person's creativity? 12. Can someone who initially seems to lack any ability for a certain form of art develop his creativity and finally come to master it? 13. Have you heard of any such case? 14. Do you know anyone who is personally an example of this?

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