13/01 Dangers

1. Have you been in the midst of danger before?

2. What do you do when you feel someone might be following you?

3. If you are in danger, what should you do?

4. If your life was in danger, who would you call and why?

5. Can you explain the 'fight or flight' complex?

6. What makes you suspicious of someone?

7. What makes you suspicious of a place?

8. Have you tried doing anything dangerous that could risk your life?

9. Why are there still people who love to do dangerous sports?

10. Why are there people who still live in a dangerous society?

11. Do you think your neighborhood is dangerous?

12. Have you caused any danger to other people before?

13. What was the most dangerous thing that you have done?

14. Why are the rich facing a lot more danger than the poor or average people?

15. What time is the most dangerous time to go out?

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