16/12 Death and Dying

1. What causes death? 2. Are "Living Wills" available where you live? 3. Are there special rites or ceremonies performed when a person dies? 4. Are you afraid of death? 5. Do you believe in life after death? 6. Do you often think of death? 7. Do you think that there is anything worth dying for? 8. Do you want to know the date of your death? Why or why not? 9. How do you cope with the death of someone special? 10. Is organ donation or transplants an option where you live? 11. Is physician-assisted suicide an option in your country? 12. Would you consider physician assisted suicide if you were suffering a painful dying experience? 13. Is the death of a loved one considered a joyful or a sorrowful occasion? 14. What should you say to someone who has lost a loved one? 15. Who do you think would mourn for you after your death?

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