19/12 "Meaning of Life & Reasons for Living"

1. What do you think is life all about? 2. What do you feel most people's lives are driven by? 3. What image or metaphor has best described your life? A race, a circus or something else? 4. What if life on earth is really preparation for eternity, how would people act differently? 5. What is your opinion on why a lot of people have trouble believing in God? 6. What is "worship" to you? 7. Can we make friends with God? 8. Have you ever prayed to God? 9. What do you think about religious people worshipping God in churches or in temples? 10. Which is easier for people, public or private worship? 11. Do you think it's appropriate to express anger to God? 12. What do you think people usually fear when thinking of joining a new religion? 13. Do you think we can make friends with God? 14. What do you think about people going to churches or in temples regularly? 15. Which is easier for people, going to a religious event or praying to God privately?

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