21/12 Restaurants & Eating Out

1. How often do you eat out? 2. Where do you usually go when you eat out? 3. How much do you usually pay when you eat out? 4. Who do you usually go with when you eat out? 5. Do you like western food? Japanese? Thai? Italian? 6. Can you name restaurants in this area that serve food from other countries? 7. What kinds of foods do these restaurants serve? 8. Have you ever eaten at any of them? 9. Do you ever eat greasy food? Salty? Sweet? Spicy? 10. Do you know how to order food in English? Have you ever done so? If so, was it easy to do so? 11. Do you ever eat at McDonalds? KFC? Other fast food restaurants? 12. What is your favorite appetizer? Main Course? Dessert? 13. Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages when you eat out? If so, what do drink? 14. Do you know what a Caesar salad is? Buffalo wings? Nachos? Chicken fried steak?

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