1. Do you think alcohol is a drug?

2. What is alcoholism?

3. Do you know of any alcoholics?

4. How do you stop being an alcoholic?

5. Do you know how much alcohol is in beer?

6. Do you know how much alcohol is in whiskey?

7. What are some of the characteristics of drunk people?

8. Is alcohol addictive? What about tea, coffee, and chocolate?

9. Should marijuana be illegal?

10. Do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal? Support your opinion with facts.

11. Why do you think marijuana is illegal?

12. Is marijuana grown in your country?

13. What are some ways drug users use marijuana?

14. Do you think tobacco companies would like to sell marijuana?

15. Why do you think that tobacco is a legal drug?

16. Are any of your friends addicted to tobacco?

17. What are the different ways to use tobacco?

18. Do you know anyone who smokes a pipe?

19. What is the difference between pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco?

20. What do you think about chewing tobacco?

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