Dubbing movies

1. How is the movie experience when you watch a subbed movie over a dubbed movie?

2. How about the opposite?

3. A dubbed movie over a subbed movie?

4. If you speak the original language being spoken in the movie, how do you find the subtitles?

5. What type of movies do you watch in subtitles only?

6. Are there types of movies you watch dubbed instead?

7. Why do you watch movies subbed?

8. Do you find the original language hard to understand?

9. Have there been any movies you’ve seen that had erroneous and objectionable subtitles?

10. Could you share your experiences?

11. Do you think subtitles are better than dubbing for foreign films?

12. What do you think are the Pros and Cons of subtitling and dubbing?

13. Do dubbing and subtitling reflect nationalism? Why?

14. Which is more helpful with the person with a disability watching with a sub or dub? What do you think?

15. Do you have recommendations or favorites of well-subbed videos, movies, or TV shows?

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