1 What does the future hold?

2 What will the future be like?

3 Who invented the very first computer?

4 What is AI?

5 What is the definition of a 'robot'?

6 What is robotics?

7 Where did the word 'robot' come from?

8 Can robots tie shoes?

9 Will robots replace humans?

10 Will robots take our jobs?

11 How will the development of robots that think change your future?

12Imagine the job you wish to hold when you get older - could a robot be programmed to do that job as well as you?

13 A film like The Matrix has explored the idea that we might be living in virtual reality. But what evidence is there for or against this hypothesis? And what are its implications?

14 Do you know ISAAC ASIMOV? What did he do?

15 Can you think of movies that have robots in them?

16 Did you enjoy this movie?

17 Do you think we create a new problem with each invention? Think of examples.

18 Is there anything that does not yet exist that you would like to see invented? What is it?

19 Where do you plan on going to college?

20 What type of job would you like to do in the future?

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