1 Do you play the lottery?

2 What kind of lottery do you play?

3 Do you play football pools?

4 Do you play slot machines?

5 How many forms of gambling as you can think of?

6 What percentage of people do you think gamble?

7 What do you think is the most amount of money that different people loose? E.g. An average person or a big gambler?

8 Do you bet? How often? What's the biggest bet you ever placed?

9 Apart from the obvious financial problem what other consequences can occur as a result of excessive gambling?

10 Who suffers the most from a gambling problem?

11 Apart from the obvious reason of winning money, why do people gamble?

12 Why is gambling addictive?

13 Do you think it could be genetic?

14 What kinds of people do you think are more prone to developing a gambling problem?

15 Do you think there is a gender difference?

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