Topics from 20/10 till 2/11

2/11 Dance movies.

1/11 Geography II

31/10 Freedom

30/10 Advices , part II

29/10 Thursday. Social dances.

28/10 Wednesday. ( With natives from USA) Accents in English and other languages.

27/10 Tuesday. Sounds around us.

26/10 Monday. My best sources of information.

25/10 Sunday. Geography: why it's important today to know it?

24/10 Saturday. Advice

23/10 Friday. Drama movies

22/10 Thursday. The Ideal Speaking Service. What is it?

21/10 Wednesday with USA natives. Volunteers.

20/10 Tuesday. Free lesson with a teacher. @Valeriya Elpatevskaya

Usually, we speak longer than 2 hours

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