1 Are you a member of a health spa or gym?

2 Are you afraid of needles?

3 Are you healthy?

4 Are your parents healthy?

5 Do think that you need to lose weight?

6 Do you always eat healthy food?

7 Do you bruise easily?

8 Do you catch a cold more than once a year?

9 Do you consider alcohol a drug?

10 Do you drink a lot?

11 Do you eat a lot of vegetables?

12 Do you eat lots of fruit?

13 Do you eat vegetables every day?

14 Do you ever get headaches?

15 Do you know anyone who suffers from migraine headaches?

16 Do you ever read magazines or news articles about health? If yes, what 17 subject(s) do you find the most interesting?

18 Do you exercise?

19 What kind of exercise do you do?

20 How often do you exercise?

21 Do you go for regular medical check-ups?

22 Do you go to the dentist's twice a year?

23 Do you have a lot of stress?

24 Do you normally go one doctor in particular or any available doctor?

25 Do you have any allergies?

26 Do you have any scars? Where are they?

27 Would you like to show them to the class?

28 Do you know anyone who suffers from backaches?

29 Do you know anyone with false teeth?

30 Do you often eat fast food?

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