1 What is your hobby?

2 How long have you had a hobby?

3 Why do people have hobbies?

4 Why did you start your hobby?

5 Can you make money from doing your hobby?

6 How many hours a week do you spend on your hobby?

7 Is your hobby safe or dangerous?

8 What is a hobby?

9 Why do people need hobbies?

10 What can one do as a hobby?

11 How much time can one spend on his/her hobby?

12 What is your hobby?

13 Does your hobby interfere with your work/study/personal life?

14 Do you spend money on your hobby?

15 Does your hobby influence your choice of friends?

16 Can a hobby save a child from bad peer influence?

17 Can a hobby be dangerous?

18 Have you got a hobby?

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