1 When is the holiday celebrated?

2 Is it celebrated as a family or a group?

3 Does your family celebrate this holiday?

4 Has your family always celebrated this holiday? If not, when did you start celebrating it?

5 When does the celebration for this holiday generally start?

6 Is it a religious holiday?

7 Which religion celebrates it?

8 Is attending a temple or a church on that day part of the celebration?

9 Are there specific prayers or blessings that go with the holiday?

10 Are there special foods connected with the holiday?

11 Have you eaten any of these foods?

12 Do you or did you like the foods?

13 Can you make these foods? Are you good at making them?

14 Is gift giving a part of this holiday?

15 Are there specific types of gifts to be given?

16 Who are they given to?

17 What are some of the things that are done to show that this holiday is being observed?

18 Is it strictly an American holiday?

19 When did Congress approve this holiday? Or did they?

20 Is it only a state or city approved holiday?

21 Has is ever been disapproved by officials?

22 What does the holiday stand for? Why is this holiday celebrated?

23 Are the banks, post offices or schools closed for this holiday?

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