1. Why do people immigrate to other countries?

2. What is the reason you moved out of your country to move here?

3. Is immigration from one country to another a problem? In what ways do you see it as a problem?

4. Do you know any immigrants?

5. Do you think that immigrants are treated well in in most countries?

6. Do you think there is a relation between immigration and crime?

7. Should any government limit the number of immigrants entering the country? What would be a good number?

8. Is local culture threatened by immigration?

9. How far should immigrants retain their culture?

10. Should immigrants have the same rights as native citizens?

11. Is there a difference between political and economic immigration?

12. Should immigrants have the right to vote? In which elections?

13. What should be done with the illegal immigrants entering a country?

14. Should the country of origin of illegal immigrants be held responsible?

15. Do immigrants have a good or bad reputation in your part of the country?

16. Should students be allowed to wear clothes with cultural or religious symbolism at school?

17. Do you think immigrants are treated with more suspicion now than they were a year ago?

18. Do you know anyone that is married to an immigrant?

19. Do you know any people who have emigrated from your country?

20. Would you ever think of emigrating?

21. Why would you think of emigrating?

22. What would be some of the issues that would concern you about emigrating?

23. Are there a lot of immigrants in your community?

24. Do immigrants in your community isolate themselves into a certain area?

25. Should immigrants be required to learn the local language?

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