1. What language is spoken the most in your country?

2. Do you have a second language in your country?

3. How many languages do you speak fluently?

4. Does your language have words adopted from English?

5. Is English important for an individual in your country?

6. Why are you studying English?

7. What language you like speaking in?

8. What language do you least like speaking in?

9. What's your favorite language?

10. What's your least favorite language?

11. What's the native language spoken in China?






12. What's the strangest language have you ever head?

13. Do you wish your country has another language instead of the present one?

14. Do you have pen-friend? If yes, what languages do they speak?

15. Can you name any languages that are no longer spoken?

16. What language do the neighboring countries of where you live speak?

17. What would you do if you had to travel to a country where it's people don't know how to speak neither your language nor English?

18. Do you think that disappearing languages should be protected or should we just let them fade away?

19. What languages are spoken the most throughout the world?

20. Which do you think is the most difficult language?

21. How many languages do you speak?

22. Do you know anyone who is monolingual?

23. Do you know anyone who is bilingual or multilingual?

24. Would you like to raise multilingual children?

25. Can you think of some disadvantages of being monolingual?

26. Have you ever visited a society where most people speak only one language?

27. Have you ever visited a society where most people speak more than one language?

28. Does your country have any official languages? What languages are official?

29. What other languages are spoken in your nation, including minority groups and the languages of immigrants?

30. Do you think foreign language study should be required?

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