Making Excuses

1. Are you good at making excuses?

2. When was the last time you made an excuse? What was it for?

3. What excuse do you often hear?

4. Tell me about a time you made an excuse. On what event? How do you say it?

5. Do you agree that making excuses over and over again can be a habit of avoiding something?

6. What is an example of a lame excuse?

a. I forgot your birthday because I was on vacation.

b. I don’t want to go outside because it’s too cold.

c. Your answer: (give a sentence example of lame excuse that you know and explain to your groupmate, why is it a lame excuse?)

7. How would you give an honest excuse?

a. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel well.

b. I wish I could go, but I’m busy cleaning the house.

c. Your answer: (give a sentence example of an honest excuse and explain to your groupmate, why is it an honest excuse?)

8. Do you believe making excuses can destroy someone’s trust? Why and how?

9. Are people always honest when they make excuses? Why or why not?

10. Have you ever made an excuse for someone else? Why or why not?

11. Have you ever considered making excuses trying to avoid a commitment at some point? If so, why do you think so and what do you think the reason will be?

12. Have you ever heard a scenario wherein a couple made a vow to get married then all of a sudden one backed out from marriage at a wedding day and made excuses afterwards? Why do you think this kind of excuse happens?

13. On a scale of 1-10, one is being lowest and 10 is being highest. What is your score for making excuses? And why?

14. Do you think making excuses should stop? Why?

15. What do you think to a person who made excuses after losing the game?

16. Are you going to attend the next meeting and if not what would be the possible reasons?

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