1. Have you ever tried to lose weight?

2. What motivated you to start a diet?

3. Is it important to motivate children?

4. How do you motivate children?

5. Can some people destroy your motivation?

6. What is something a boss can do to motivate his workers?

7. How are you best motivated?

8. How do you motivate your friends?

9. Have you ever tried to quit smoking?

10. How do you define motivation?

11. What are some of the factors of motivation?

12. What part does motivation plays in effective teaching?

13. What is the role of motivation for slow learners?

14. What are three things that motivate you?

15. Do you feel motivated when you are at school?

16. Do you feel motivated when learning something new?

18. How would you describe motivation?

19. Does motivation affect learning?

20. In what way can we help people to increase their motivation?

21. Why do you study English?

22. What is your proudest accomplishment so far this year?

23. What is the difference between internal and external motivation?

24. Do you find that motivated people are more successful than unmotivated people?

25. What do you do to keep your motivation?

26. Do you have an English goal?

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