01. Did you vote in the last election?

02. How old were you when you first voted?

03. What is the minimum voting age in your country?

04. What type of political system does your country have?

05. What different types of governments are there?

06. What does an ambassador do?

07. Who appoints an ambassador?

08. Why is it important to have reliable ambassadors?

09. What characteristics should a good ambassador have?

10. Who is the mayor of your city?

11. What are the main political parties in your country?

12. How do you decide how you will vote?

13. Who represents you in your local and national government?

14. How long is the term of elected officials in your country?

15. Which party is now in power in your country?

16. When were they elected?

17. Who is the leader of this party?

18. How has your political views changed during your lifetime?

19. How can we get more people to vote?

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