Preparations for a Disaster

1. What can you do to prepare in advance for a disaster?

2. How much warning time do people normally have to prepare for typhoons, hurricanes, and earthquakes?

3. How much warning time do people normally have for tsunamis?

4. What sorts of preparations would you make if a typhoon was going to hit your area?

5. Why do people leave when a typhoon is coming?

6. What has your family done in the past to prepare for a disaster?

7. Do you have extra food and water in your house?

8. Do you have an electric generator in your house?

9. What are some essential things you would need in your house in order to be prepared for a disaster?

10. Do you have food and water in your car?

11. How can you help your pet prepare for a disaster?

12. Do you know where the evacuation area is in your area?

13. What should you do if you receive a tornado warning?

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