01. What is privacy?

02. How do you maintain your privacy at home?

03. At school?

04. On the Internet?

05. When using Facebook?

06. When you travel?

07. When talking on the phone?

08. What are some reason why privacy is important for you?

09. To what extent do public officials have a right to privacy?

10. Do you think the government has the right to read your email?

11. What are your privacy setting on Facebook?

12. How can using social networking sites invade your privacy?

13. What do you think about being fingerprinted when you enter a country?

14. How have you invaded someones privacy without realizing it was important the that person?

15. To what extent do public officials have a right to privacy?

16. How can the press balance freedom of expression with respect for privacy?

17. In your opinion, which of the following pose a threat to privacy?

Cookies on your PC

CCTV in supermarkets, Safety cameras in the street

Employers monitoring employees' use of the internet and email

Hidden cameras in private homes (e.g. to check on babysitters)

RFID "spy chips" (= radio frequency identification tags: minuscule microchips, which are used to identify things)

Banks keeping tabs on your financial history

Mobile phones with tracking systems

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