1. Do you know any vegetarians?

2. Do you think restaurants should offer one or two vegetarian dishes on their menu?

3. What are the different kinds of vegetarians?

4. Could you try vegetarianism for a month?

5. Could you try vegetarianism for a week?

6. Could you try vegetarianism for a full day?

7. If someone eats cheese and drinks milk, are they vegetarian?

8. If someone wears leather shoes or a fur coat, can they call themselves "vegetarian"?

9. What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

10. What is the most logical reason for becoming a vegetarian?

11. What would you prepare for a vegetarian coming for dinner at your home? (appetizer, main dish, dessert and beverage)

12. What meal would you miss the most if you became vegetarian?

13. What would be a great meal you would prepare for yourself as a vegetarian?

14. Would you go to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner?

15. What would be more difficult to eat, a strange new vegetable, or an exotic piece of meat?

16. What are the proven benefits of eating meat?

17. Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian?

18. Would you marry a vegetarian if it meant you could not cook meat at home?

19. Do you know any famous vegetarians? (Albert Einstein, Avril Lavigne, Buddha, Clint Eastwood)


What is a better reason for becoming a vegetarian; health reasons or animal rights?

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