January 31. What is the business of your dreams?

- Big/small? - Offline/online? Why? - Product /service? - How much money do I need to start it? - When do I plan to start first sales? - When do I plan to reach zero point investments/profit? - What is my profit goal in half-year, year, 2 years? and many other questions ...

Train your speaking skills through networking. Use Business Topics to find answers to important questions. 4.00 PM London (GMT+0) 5.00 PM CET (GMT+1) 7.00 PM Msk, Kiev (GMT+3) 8.00 PM GST (GMT+4) #speakingenglishwithconfidence #marketer #marketing #digitalmarketing #speakingenglish

#speakingskills #English #networking

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