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Time zone converter: 15.00 UTC+0 or 17.00 UTC+2 (Cairo time zone) or 18.00 UTC+3 (Moscow time) or 19.30 UTC+4:30 (Kabul time) or 20.30 UTC+5.30 (Indian time). 21.00 UTC+6.00 (Bangladesh time). 22.00 UTC+7.00 (Bangkok, Thailand) Rules: - We will suggest you a new topic every day. - Please no religion and politics - Be friendly, mute your mic if you are not speaking at this moment, - If somebody is talking - please do not disturb and bother. 07/10 Wednesday with Joseph Batis (USA) Topic: Friends and Friendship 04/10 Sunday Topic: Music we listen 1 What kind of music excites you? 2 Which is your fav song to listen to when you are working out? 3 What was the best concert experience you have ever had? 4 What kinda of dance song do you like salsa/hip hop/flamenco/twerk 😛 02/10 Friday Topic: Happiness. Whats is a happiness? Whats was the happiest moment in your life? How do you see your next happiest moment? 01/10 Wednesday Topic: Movies about a history of our planet and your country. 30/09 Wednesday with Joseph Batis (USA) Topic: How to manage stress. 29/09 Tuesday Topic: School, Education. -What do you mean by Education? -What is your education system? Tell us briefly about educational system of your country. -When did you start school? Do you still remember your first day? 28/09 Monday Topic:Sports *When you were a child did you ever imagine meeting your favourite sports idol or player? Who is your most favourite sports players and why? In which sports your country is famous? 27/09 Sunday Topic: Money. How many do we need? What we will buy at first? Is it possible to buy friendship or love? 26.09 topic: Parties. Wtat was my best party? Its already happened or not yet? 24.09 topic: Best tricks of learning languages. How to start speaking as fast as possible? 23.09 topic: "Movies I like" 22.09 topic: "Sports I like, I do, I watch, I do not like."

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