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13/01 Dangers 

1. Have you been in the midst of danger before?

2. What do you do when you feel someone might be following you?

3. If you are in danger, what should you do?

4. If your life was in danger, who would you call and why?

5. Can you explain the 'fight or flight' complex?

6. What makes you suspicious of someone?

7. What makes you suspicious of a place?

8. Have you tried doing anything dangerous that could risk your life?

9. Why are there still people who love to do dangerous sports?

10. Why are there people who still live in a dangerous society?

11. Do you think your neighborhood is dangerous?

12. Have you caused any danger to other people before?

13. What was the most dangerous thing that you have done?

14. Why are the rich facing a lot more danger than the poor or average people?

15. What time is the most dangerous time to go out?

12/01 "Internet"

1. Do you often use the Internet?
2. When did you first use the Internet?
3. About how many hours a day do you use the Internet?
4. About how many hours a week do you use the Internet?
5. Who uses the Internet the most in your family?
6. What computer do you use to access the Internet?
7. What are some security issues you must think about when you access the Internet?
8. Have you ever bought something using the Internet?
9. How can the internet help you learn English? Do you take advantage of this?
10. How can the Internet be improved?
11. How often do you use the internet?
12. Do you think our lives have been improved by the Internet?
13. Do you have any ideas or ambitions to start an Internet company?
14. Do you think the Internet favors men or women?

11/01 Culture

1. What are some things that define a culture? For example, music, language, ...

2. What do you think is interesting about your culture?

3. Do you know much about your own culture?

4. When people from other countries think about your culture, what do they usually think of?

5. In your culture is it polite to be straightforward and direct when you talk to someone?

To whom is it OK and to whom is it not OK?

6, What has surprised you when you've met people from other countries?

7. Have you looked at Internet pages from a different culture? If so, how were they different from those of your own culture?

8. What do you like about your culture?

9. What don't you like about your culture?

10. How do young people in your culture behave differently from older people?

11. How do young people in your culture behave differently from people in this culture?

12. Are there many people of different cultures in your country? Are you friends with any?

13. Have you ever felt confused by the actions of someone from another culture?

10/01 Sunday 

1 Are some parts of this city considered more dangerous than others? Which parts?

2 Are there any places you are afraid to visit because of the high crime rate? If so, where?

3 Are there problems with drugs where you live?

4 Are you apprehensive about walking outside after dark?

5 Do you always lock your house? How about your car?

6 Do you believe that public executions would deter crime? If so, how?

7 Do you drink and drive?

8 Do you know anyone who has been mugged?

9 Do you know someone who has been a victim of a violent crime?

10 Do you think abortion is a crime?

11 Do you think gun control is a good idea? Explain.

12 Do you think people who use illegal drugs should be put in jail?

13 Do you think police TV dramas are realistic?

14 Do you think policeman should be allowed to carry guns?

15 Do you think that capital punishment is a good idea? Why or why not?

16 Do you think that punishment for violent crimes should be the same for juveniles and adults? Why/why not?

17 Do you think that the death penalty would prevent crime in your country? Why or why not?

18 Do you think that the legalization of narcotics would decrease the crime rate?

09/01 Universe 

1    What would you like to know about the universe?
2   What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘universe’?
3   How many planets are in the Solar System?
4   How long does it take for the Sun's rays to reach earth?
5   Are we alone?
6   How universe formed?
7   Would you like to travel into space? Why or why not?
8   Would it be possible for humans in future to travel different solar systems Or galaxy?
9   According to you how much big this universe?
10   What is your favourite space movie or TV show? How realistic is it?
11   What is the most interesting planet (besides Earth) in our solar system?
12   What do you think of your country’s involvement in space?
13   What do you think about space tourism?
14   Would you agree to help colonize a planet if you knew you couldn’t come back to earth?
15   What three adjectives would you choose to describe the universe?
16   Dyer said: "Everything is perfect in the universe." Do you agree?

08/01 Creativity

1. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why?
2. What is something creative that you have done?
3. Is creativity a good thing? Why or why not?
4. What are some ways that a person can be creative?
5. Is taking a risk part of creativity?
6. Do you like to take risks? Give an example
7. Do you often ask question the way things work?
8. Do you like to improve things?
9. What are some creative ways to entertain children?
10. Can you think of a device that would make people's life easier?
11. How does self-confidence affect a person's creativity?
12. Can someone who initially seems to lack any ability for a certain form of art develop his creativity and finally come to master it?
13. Have you heard of any such case?
14. Do you know anyone who is personally an example of this?

07/01 Corruption

  1. What kinds of corruption are there?

  2. Has corruption affected your life?

  3. Why do you think people are corrupt.

  4. Can corruption be a good thing?

  5. How do you reduce corruption?

  6. Which countries have a lot of corruption?

  7. What can you do about corruption in your country?

  8. How do you remove corrupt workers from their jobs?

  9. What is the largest bribe you have paid?

  10. Can corruption be a good thing in some societies?

  11. What would you do if your boss tells you that at Christmas it is usual to receive small presents from local companies?

  12. Would you accept a free ticket for a football match, a free drink by virtue of your position?

  13. What would you do if you receive a complaint from a citizen of an attempted bribery from a police officer?

  14. Do you think corrupt police officers are natural-born criminals?

  15. Do you know a corruption case?

06/01 Conflict

1. What causes conflict?

2. Is conflict inevitable?

3. Is conflict always negative?

4. How can conflicts be resolved?

5. What would you consider to be a constructive approach to conflict?

6. What would you consider to be a destructive approach to conflict?

7. Does there have to be a winner and a loser of a conflict?

8. What happens to people who are involved in conflicts?

9. What conflicts are going on around the world?

10. What conflicts exist in your life?

11. How do you deal with conflicts?

12. Can violent conflicts be solved with violence?

13. How can the world be peaceful when other countries are not trying to bring peace?

14. Can conflicts at the workplace affect the efficiency of one's work?

15. Is it possible to avoid conflicts?

16. Does it solve anything?

05/01 Complains 

1. Is it always necessary to complain?

2. When is it appropriate to complain in a restaurant?

3. What do you think of the saying, "The customer is always right."?

4. What do you say to someone to complain about bad service in a store or restaurant?

5. Have you ever gotten angry at a worker in a store or a restaurant?

6. What are some reasons why we might need to complain in a store or restaurant?

7. What are some reasons why you would not complain about bad service?

8. Do you prefer to make a complaint over the telephone or in person?

9. When is it necessary to write a letter of complaint?

10. Is it common in your country to complain about bad service?

04/01 Commuting 

1. How do you commute to your school or your place of work?

2. How far do you travel and how long does it take you?

3. How do you travel? Is it expensive? Is it tiring?

4. What are some of the reasons why people commute?

5. Would you rather work in a nearer place?

6. If you work far from your house, why have you chosen to commute a long way to work?

7. Would you ever travel between countries or states in order to keep a better job? Why or why not?

8. In your viewpoint, what are the advantages and disadvantages of commuting?

9. If you didn't have any relatives or wife/husband, would you travel abroad for work? Why or why not?

10. Would you like to live abroad? Why or why not?

11. If you moved to another country, what things would you miss about where you live now? Which ones would you be glad to get away from?

12. Are there certain professions which require commuting?

13. Would you give up your job if you had to commute frequently?

14. Would you accept a job that requires commuting two hours a day one way?

29/12  "Amusement parks"

1. Have you ever visited an amusement park?
If so, what was it called?
Where was it?
2. What has been the best amusement park you have ever visited? Why?
3. What was your favorite ride or activity? Why?
4. What was your worst ride or activity? Why?
6. If you were to recommend an amusement park, which one would you recommend and why?
7. What rides or activities would you recommend?
9. Can you think of an amusement park ride or activity that would be both enjoyable and popular?
10. Are you afraid of going on scary amusement park rides?
11. Do you know of anybody who hurt themselves or died at an amusement park?
12. Even though you may have been terrified by a particular ride, would you go on it again?
13. What are some famous amusement parks near where you live?
Have you been to them? How much does it cost to enter?
14. What rides is this amusement park famous for?
15. Do you have any plans to go to an amusement park in the near future?

28.12 Community

1. What do you like about your community?
2. How did you decide on your community?
3. What do you think should be changed in your community?
4. How can you help your community?
5. How many of your neighbors do you know?
6. Are there old people living in your community? Tell me about them.
7. Are there little children in your community? Tell me about them.
8. What do the people in your community do for recreation?
9. What do you think is the most important thing about the community?

26/12 Children 

1. How many children do you have. How many would you like to have?

2. Do you enjoy being around children?

3. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

4. What are the positive or negative things about being a child?

5. Do you think that children are different today from the time when you were child? Or from 50 years ago? 100 years ago?

6. What is the most annoying or amazing thing about children?

7. What is the most important thing that we need to teach children?

8. Do you think that children are naturally good? Why or why not?

9. What were some important experiences that you had when you were child which shaped you as a person?

10. Why do you think children commit violent crimes?

11. Do you think children are more violent today than they used to be? Why?

12. What was your favorite game when you were a child?

25/12 Christmas

1. Did it snow last year at Christmas?
2. Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
3. Did you enjoy last Christmas?
4. Do people behave differently during Christmas?
Do they try to be better?
5. Do you donate something (money, clothes...) to charities?
6. Do you give something to homeless people?
7. Do you attend any special religious ceremonies during the Christmas season?
8. Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?
9. Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way?
10. Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional way?
11. Do you have a traditional Christmas?
12. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?
13. Do you eat a turkey dinner for your Christmas dinner?
14. Do you enjoy Christmas time?
15. Do you enjoy singing Christmas songs?

24/12 Olympics

1. When are the first Olympic games you remember?
When and where were they?
2. Did your country win any medals?
3. When and where were the best games?
4. How many Olympic sports can you name?
5. Which sports are your favorite?
6. How many medals did your country win in the last Olympics?
7. Which sport is your country good at?
8. Where are the next games?
9. How is a country chosen to hold the games?
10. Is holding the games a financial incentive?
11. Is it good for the country that holds the events?
12. Which Olympic sports do you like to watch on TV?
13. Does your country do better at the summer or the winter Olympics?

23/12 Cloning 

1. What is cloning?
2. What are the advantages of cloning?
3. What are the disadvantages of cloning?
4. Do you think animals should be cloned?
5. Do you think vegetables should be modified?
6. What are the ethical concerns about cloning?
7. Are you against or in favor of cloning? Why?
8. How does cloning affect our lives?
9. Can you name some animals that have been cloned?
10. What do you think about eating meat from cloned animals?

21/12  Restaurants & Eating Out

1. How often do you eat out?
2. Where do you usually go when you eat out?
3. How much do you usually pay when you eat out?
4. Who do you usually go with when you eat out?
5. Do you like western food?
6. Can you name restaurants in this area that serve food from other countries?
7. What kinds of foods do these restaurants serve?
8. Have you ever eaten at any of them?
9. Do you ever eat greasy food?
10. Do you know how to order food in English?
Have you ever done so?
If so, was it easy to do so?
11. Do you ever eat at McDonalds?
Other fast food restaurants?
12. What is your favorite appetizer?
Main Course?
13. Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages when you eat out? If so, what do drink?
14. Do you know what a Caesar salad is?
Buffalo wings?
Chicken fried steak?


20/12 Gestures

1. What are some gestures you know?
2. What are some good gestures in your country?
3. What are some insulting gestures in your country?
4. Can you think of some gestures that have different meanings in different countries?
5. Has your teacher ever used a hand and/or facial gesture that was o.k. in the teacher's country but an insult in your country? If so, did you tell the teacher so it would not happen again?
6. What are some bad gestures that you have seen in Western films but you don't know the meaning of?
7. What are some gestures that you used when you were a child that you don't use anymore?
8. What are some gestures that you didn't learn until you were a teenager or a young adult?
9. What are some gestures you know that relate to the sporting world?
10. Have you ever made a social mistake using wrong gestures in foreign countries?
11. What gesture in your culture do you think is unique from other cultures?
12. Has your teacher ever used a gesture that you are not sure you understood? If so, please try to imitate the gesture and say what you think it means.
13. What gestures, in your opinion, are understood by people anywhere in the world?
14. Do gestures help you to understand others and express yourself, or are they sometimes confusing and distracting?
15. Can you say anything in sign language?

19/12 "Meaning of Life & Reasons for Living"

1. What do you think is life all about?
2. What do you feel most people's lives are driven by?
3. What image or metaphor has best described your life? A race, a circus or something else?
4. What if life on earth is really preparation for eternity, how would people act differently?
5. What is your opinion on why a lot of people have trouble believing in God?
6. What is "worship" to you?
7. Can we make friends with God?
8. Have you ever prayed to God?
9. What do you think about religious people worshipping God in churches or in temples?
10. Which is easier for people, public or private worship?
11. Do you think it's appropriate to express anger to God?
12. What do you think people usually fear when thinking of joining a new religion?
13. Do you think we can make friends with God?
14. What do you think about people going to churches or in temples regularly?
15. Which is easier for people, going to a religious event or praying to God privately?

26/12 Charity

  1. Have you ever worked for a charity?

  2. How long did you work there?
  3. Was it a well-run charity?  Did you enjoy this work?
  4. Do you give money to registered charities? (e.g. Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Green Peace)​
  5. Do you think having large charity organizations is a good idea? Why or why not?

  6. What are some of the good points? What are some of the bad points?

  7. Do you think that locally run charity organizations are more effective?

  8. Are there any charities in (your town/city)? How about in (your country)?

18/12 Facebook

1. Do you have a Facebook account?
2. How often do you check your Facebook account?
3. How many friends do you have on Facebook?
4. What do you do on Facebook?
5. What's the best thing about Facebook?
6. Do you have your boy/girlfriend on Facebook?
7. What's something you don't like about Facebook?
8. Have you ever had a problem on Facebook?
9. Are you well known on Facebook?
10. Do you chat on Facebook?
11. Do you know any story about a problem because of Facebook?
12. Do you accept any friend request?
13. Do you have any private album that none of your friends can see?
14. How do you protect your album privacy on Facebook?
15. How often do you check your Facebook account?

17/12  "Generation gap"

Please, fit in 2 minutes with your answer.

1. What is a generation gap?
2. Have you ever felt a generation gap with your friends?
3. How do you over come the generation gap?
4. When do you feel the generation gap the most?
5. Is it possible to overcome a generation gap?
6. At what point in life does the generation gap seem to be the largest?
7. Do you think you can be a better parent than your own parents in future?
8. Do you think it is OK to date or marry someone of a different generation to yourself, either older or younger?
9. Some people think it is OK to marry a much older man but not a much older woman? Do you agree?
10. How would you feel if your father was a generation older than your mother? Do you know a family where this is the case?
11. What could be some problems with a partnership or marriage of different generations?
12. Do you think your generation's fight is similar to your parents generation's fight.
13. What do you think are some of the advantages or disadvantages of another generation?
14. When did you first become an adult in your mind?


16/12 Death and Dying

1. What causes death?
2. Are "Living Wills" available where you live?
3. Are there special rites or ceremonies performed when a person dies?
4. Are you afraid of death?
5. Do you believe in life after death?
6. Do you often think of death?
7. Do you think that there is anything worth dying for?
8. Do you want to know the date of your death? Why or why not?
9. How do you cope with the death of someone special?
10. Is organ donation or transplants an option where you live?
11. Is physician-assisted suicide an option in your country?
12. Would you consider physician assisted suicide if you were suffering a painful dying experience?
13. Is the death of a loved one considered a joyful or a sorrowful occasion?
14. What should you say to someone who has lost a loved one?
15. Who do you think would mourn for you after your death?

15/12 ​Cheating

1. What is your definition of cheating?

2. Have you ever cheated?

3. Why do you think that people cheat?

4.Have you ever cheated in an exam?

5. Have you ever been caught cheating on an exam?

6. If you had a chance to cheat now, would you take it?

7. In what situations do people usually cheat?

8. Have you ever been cheated on by somebody else?

9. Describe a time when you cheated and it helped you.

10. Do you think if people stopped cheating the world would be a better place?

11. What do you think of people who cheat in their relationships?

12. What do you think can be done to prevent cheating?

13. What are some things you can do to prevent cheating?

14. What would you do it you saw someone cheating at something


14/12  Changes

1. Have you made any recent changes in your life?
2. Do you think change is important?
3. Do you ever get the urge to refurbish your whole house?
4. Do you rearrange the furniture in your house often?
5. Do you like to rearrange your room or living-room?
6. Do you think change is important in people's life?
7. Do you think it is possible for a cold-hearted person to change?
8. Do you think that it is easy to mend our old ways?
9. Do you think it is easy to keep up with the times?
10. What is the most difficult change you have ever had to make?

12/12 Dreams

1. Do you usually remember your dreams? Why or why not? Describe some of them.
2. What was your nicest dream that you can remember?
3. Talk about the most recent dream you can remember that you have had in the past.
4. Talk about a recurring dream that you have had in the past.
5. How do you interpret a dream? Do you use your intuition/imagination to understand it?
6. Do you usually read books on dream interpretation? 7.What is your opinion on it?
8. Do you generally have pleasant dreams or nightmares?
9. Have you ever had nightmares? What were they like?
10. What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?
11. What is "prophecy"?
12. Have you ever had or heard of a dream that foretold the future?

11/12 Books and reading

1. What is your favorite story?

2. Who is your favorite author?

3. Who is your favorite character?

4. What is your favorite genre?

5. What is the longest book you have ever read?

6. How long did it take you to read it?

7. Have you ever belonged to a book club?

8. What books did you read?

9. What is the funniest book you have ever read?

10. The saddest?

11. The strangest?

12. How many books have you read in your life?

13. Is there a time in your life when you read all the time?

14. How many hours do you spend reading in a week?

10/12 Birthday 

1. How are birthdays celebrated in your country?

2. What are some birthday traditions you know of from other countries?

3. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

4. What is your best birthday memory?

5. What is your worst birthday memory?

6. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party for yourself or someone else?

7. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?

8. What is the worst birthday gift you have ever received?

9. What are some things you like to do for your birthday?

09/12 Art II

1. What famous painters do you know? What are they famous for?

2. What is art?

3. What is the longest time that you have spend on a painting?

4. What is your favorite art web site?

5. What would life be like without art?

6. When was the last time you went to an art museum?

7. Who are some famous artists in your country?

8. Who is a famous potter in your country?

9. Who is the most famous artist in your country? What kind of art does he do?

10. Who is your favorite painter?

08/12 Healthy and unhealthy food: scientific data and myths

1. What food do we consider healthy and how is it useful?
2. What food is really bad.
3. What scientific studies do we know about food?
4. What are the myths about food?
5. Will you give up tasty food if it is harmful?
6. What drinks are healthy?

07/12 Arguing I

1. Do you feel bad after you have an argument?

2. What are some reasons why people argue?

3. What does your family argue about?

4. How do you avoid arguments?

5. Do you think it is best to argue or just walk away? Shy?

6. Do you get along with argumentative people?

7. Are you passionate about your beliefs?

8. Do you ever try to impose your beliefs on others?

9. Do you at times enjoy "playing the devil's advocate" (debating for the fun of it)?

10. Do you get along argumentative people?

06/12 Advertising 1

1. What is the most shocking advertisement you have seen?

2. What is the funniest advertisement you have seen? Describe it.

3. What makes an ad memorable?

4. What are the different types of advertising? (Eg. TV)

5. What types of companies choose each type?

6. Do you buy products because of advertising?

7. Do you find advertising persuasive?

8. Why do you buy one product over another?

9. Should advertisers be allowed to advertise to children?

10. Should alcohol or tobacco companies be allowed to advertise? Why or why not?

05/15 What is life?

1. What is life?

2. Where do you live? In a rural area or urban, and why?

3. Which is a better option, life in a rural area or urban?

4.  Is there any difference between the behavior of people in a rural area than urban?

5. What do you prefer Luxurious life or simple rural life?

6. Do you remember any fair in your village?

7. Is there any difference between the outfits people wearing in a rural and urban areas?

8. What attracts you to metro cities?

9. Why life in metro cities is very busy?

10 Whom do you think is healthier or stronger? People in a rural area or urban?

11 What type of society do you want to live in?

12. How many contact numbers do you have in your cellphone and can you contact each one of them one in a year?

13. Do you feel social media connects people?14. Does your family members warn you when you use your cell phone excessively?

04/12 Animals

1. What are some animals that live in your country?
2. Are you afraid of snakes? 3. What is the biggest snake you have seen? Are there any poisonous snakes in your country?
4. Are you frightened of spiders? What do you do if you see one?
5. Can you name some endangered species?
6. Have you ever ridden a horse?
7. Are there birds or squirrels in your neighborhood?
8. Do you know someone who owns an unusual pet?
9. Have you ever been to a zoo?
10. Are there laws about hunting in your country?
11. Do you think that animals dream?
12. What animals did you see there?

03/12 Advice III

1. I want to protect the environment but I don't know how. What should I do?

2. I am always late. What should I do?

3. I keep losing my credit card. What should I do?

4. I have a red nose. What should I do?

5. I am new in this city. I would love to meet some people. What should I do?

6. I want to get rich quickly. What should I do?

02/12 Art

1. Are you a good painter?
2. Can you draw pictures well?
3. Do you believe what art critics say?
4. Do you consider yourself a good artist?
5. Do you enjoy your art class at school?
6. Do you like modern art?
7. Do you like paintings?
8. Do you like sketching?
9. Do you like to visit art museums?
10. Do you like wood carving?
11. Do you think music and dancing are forms of art?
12. Do you think of cartoons and comics as art?

01/12  Language learning

1. How did you learn your second language?
2. What's the best way to learn a foreign language?
3. What methods do you use to remember vocabulary better?
4. Is it necessary to write words down?
5. Is it possible to understand and write well but not be able to have a conversation?
6. What is value of learning languages?
7. To what extent do you agree that it's better to learn language as a child? Why or why not?
8. To speak its language well, how important is it to know something about the culture of a country?
9. Are there some words that are similar in different languages?
10. As a beginner, what are the first things that you need to be able to say?
11. How can the Internet be a helpful tool when learning a foreign language?

30/11 Technologies of the future

1. What type of job would you like to do in the future?
2. How can we preserve the future for the next generation?
3. How will computers change in the future?
4. How will cellphones change in the future?
5. How will transportation develop in future times?
6. How old will people live to be in the future?
7. What kind of developments might happen in health care in the future?
8. How will technology change?
9. How will computers change in the future? 
10. What is the future of money?

29/11 Youtube

1. When was the last time you watched YouTube?

2. Have you ever uploaded a video to YouTube? If 'yes', what was the video

3. Do you 'subscribe' to any YouTube channels? If 'yes', which one(s)?

4. At what age should children start to watch YouTube?

5. How old is YouTube? 6. Can watching YouTube improve your English?

7. When was the last time you 'disliked' a YouTube video?

8. Which is better: watching YouTube or reading a book? Why?

9. How has YouTube changed our modern society?

10. Talk about an interesting YouTube video you have watched.

28/11 Grateful 

1. Why are we grateful to people?
2. Who is grateful to you?
3. Are you waiting for words of gratitude from people for their deeds?
4. Should I openly talk about my gratitude to everyone, or is it better to be humble?
5. To whom are we most grateful?
6. How often should you express your gratitude?


27/11 Advices part III

1. I want to protect the environment but I don't know how. What should I do?

2. I am always late. What should I do?

3. I keep losing my credit card. What should I do?

4. I have a red nose. What should I do?

5. I am new in this city. I would love to meet some people. What should I do?

26/11 Intellectual games and shows


1. Do you have intellectual shows and games on your TV? If yes, tell about them.

2. Do you like to watch them?

3. Do you think you can learn something from watching them? 

4. Do you know any intellectual shows and games on the internet? 

5. Have you ever participated in any intellectual game or show yourself?

6. Do you want to take part in any intellectual shows or game in future?

7. Who is your favorite player in such games?

25/11  languages 2


1. How many languages do you speak fluently?

2. Does your language have words adopted from English?

3. What language you like speaking in?

4. Do you have pen-friend? If yes, what languages do they speak?

5. Can you name any languages that are no longer spoken?

6. What language do the neighboring countries of where you live speak? 

7. Do you think that disappearing languages should be protected or should we just let them fade away?

8. Would you like to raise multilingual children? 

9. What techniques do you use to remember vocabulary?

10. What dialects does your language have?

24/11 Animals and pets


1. Do you have a pet? How old is it?

2. Where did you get it from? What does it look like (color, breed, etc.)?

3. What do you feed it?

4. How do you play with it?

5. What is it's name? How did you choose this name?

6. Does it know any tricks or understand any words?

7. What are the pros and cons of keeping a pet?

8. Do you know someone who owns an unusual pet?

9. What can children learn by having a pet?

23/11  Technology of the future

1. What jobs will be replaced by robots? 
2. Imagine the job you wish to hold when you get older - could a robot be programmed to do that job as well as you?
3. A film like The Matrix has explored the idea that we might be living in virtual reality. But what evidence is there for or against this hypothesis? And what are its implications?
4. Can you think of movies that have robots in them?
Did you enjoy this movie?
5. Do you think we create a new problem with each invention? Think of examples.
6. Is anything that does not yet exist that you would like to see invented? 
7. How will transportation develop in future times?

22/11 Topic: Debates

1.Do you watch debates? If yes, which ones? 
2. Do you have debates on your TV? Do you watch it?
3. How often do you debate yourself? 
4. Do you have any trick to win debate? 
5. Do you believe, that debates can lead to the truth?

21/11 Sports lifestyle

1. What is a sports lifestyle in your opinion?
2. For whom is sports life important?
3. How to do sports so that it is always enjoyable?
4. What does your sporty lifestyle look like?
5. Are you satisfied with your sports activity?
6. Do your friends and family support you?
7. What prevents you from leading a sporty lifestyle the way you would like?

20/11 Languages
1. What is your mother tongue? In which countries it is spoken? 
2. What are the languages of your country? 
3. What is your second language? 
4. What language are you learning now? 
5. What is the most beautiful language in your opinion? 
6. What is the strangest language in your opinion?

19/11 Architecture

1. What is the architecture of your country? What is the uniqueness of it?
2. What kind of architecture you like the most? 
3. Have you ever been impressed by architecture? What it was?
4. What is the best country in terms of architecture in your opinion? 
5. Do we need to preserve old architecture even though it not so profitable?
6. What is an ideal architecture?

18/11 How to live together?

1. Reasons that lead the couples to break up?
2. Why some people more happy on every next marriage?
3. Wnen it s better to divorce?
4. Tell us some reasons for why couples must live together?
5. Do you accept living together ? why or why not?
6. What are things to discuss before marriage?

17/11 Life plan 

1. Do you feel like you have all the time in the world to do what you want?
2. From your childhood, are there experiences that stand out?
3. Did you have a favorite holiday and why?
4. Are you responsible for your own life?
5. Do you have a life plan?

16/11 Collecting

1. Do you remember when you start to collect something? What is was? 
2. Are you collecting something now? What do you collect? 
3. What emotions do you feel during collecting process? 
4. Why do you collecting? What is the use of it? 
5. What did you learn while collecting? 
6. Have you ever participated  in any collectionist event?


15/11 English

1. Is learning English important?
2. Why are you learning English?
3. Do you enjoy learning English?
4. Is speaking English easy?
5. Do you practice English everyday?


Tutor Jack Video

14/11 Easy interview 

Tutor Jack Video.


1. How do not be nervous during interviews?

2. How to practice for interviews? Is it possible?

3. Do we need to prepare special questions about a company?

what about?

4. What is common between an interview and sales and what is different?

5. Do you make eye contact during an interview? How does it work?

13/11 Perfect work

Tutor Jack Video.


1. How does a perfect job differ from a normal job?
2. How do you find the perfect job?
3. Does the perfect job always bring the same income?
4. What does my dream job look like?
5. What do I want to do in retirement?
6. Is it possible tomorrow to work at your dream job?

12/11 Beach Bash

Tutor Jack Video.


1 What do you enjoy doing at the beach?

2 Where are the beach's location in your country?

3 How often do you go to the beach every year?

4. Whats is the best time to be on the beach?

5. What is the beach of your dream?


6. If you had a chance, what kind of business you start on the beach?


11/11 Fast Food Frenzy

Tutor Jack video about the fast food is here:

1. What kind of fast food is really tasty and I like it.
2. If you eat fast food slowly and beautifully, maybe it's not so bad?
3. What are some of the eating ceremonies in your family?
4. When do we eat for too long?
5. What to do if you urgently need to eat an "elephant"?

6. So what's wrong with food that is so delicious?

10/11 Motivation

Topic: Hobbies and talents


Tutor Jack video about Hobbies and Talents is here:  


1. What hobbies have survived from my childhood?

2. What do my hobbies give me?

3. What am I most talented in?

4. Do my neighbors share my hobbies?

5. What would I like to try, but it is not yet available to me?

6. What's my most recent hobby?

09/11 Motivation


1. What motivates you?

2. How your parents motivate you?

3. Are you always motivated?

4. Please, tell us about your experience in motivating another person.

5. How we can help another person be motivated?

6. Does money motivate you?

7. Why are you motivated?

8. How to motivate you in learning?

8/11 How to introduce yourself?  Witha tutor Jack USA

Here is a TutorJack Youtube channel: and


Here is his free udemy course: 

Five fingers Introduce:

1. your name

2. what do you do

3. Why  do you do

4. your name again

5. "nice to meet you"

1. Is a FFI important? 
2. Is introduction practice necessary? 
3. Can FFI be used to introduce others. 
4. How long should a FFI be? 

5. Should I start a conversation with people in the elevator?

6. Who should start the conversation first? young old? Girl boy?
7. What to talk about with strangers?
8. What will you do if someone speaks to you in the elevator?
9. How can we use small talk at the bus station, elevator for our purposes? What is the value of such a conversation?

7/11 Education

1. Are you satisfied with your education?

2. what would you change in education, if you could?

3. What did you learn at your school / university?

4. Do you need government support in education? Which one, exactly?

5. What else would you like to learn?

6. What do you think the ideal form of study looks like?

6/11. Non-computer home games.

1. What games did you play at home as a child?
2. How can playing at home be useful?
3. What kind of home and family games do you like now and why?
4. What if the child gets upset when he loses?
5. What games do adults play at home?
6. How to make us play more often?

5/11 National cuisine traditions Questions:

 1. What makes your national cuisine special?

 2. What are your favorite dishes in your kitchen?

3. What drinks in your kitchen are unique?

4. How is it customary to consume food or drinks on special occasions?

5. What dishes from other countries do you like?

6. What's your favorite food or drink?

4/11 Teamwork.

  1.  How do you like to work more alone or in a team?

  2. Tell us about your team.

  3. If you have to work in a team, what role do you choose for yourself?

  4. Can you be a team leader?

  5. Which of your qualities are especially useful in a team, and which are the other way around.

  6. Have you ever created a team?

3/11 Climate change

  1.  Are you seeing climate change? What are they?

  2. Is it getting better, more comfortable, or vice versa?

  3. Is it a natural fluctuation or due to human activity?

  4. Should humanity struggle with climate change, or should we just reconcile and accept?

  5. Is the problem of climate change related to overpopulation?

  6. If the climate continues to change, where would you like to move?

2/11 Dance movies.

1/11 Geography II

31/10 Freedom

30/10 Advices , part II

29/10 Thursday. Social dances.

28/10 Wednesday. ( With natives from USA) Accents in English and other languages.

27/10 Tuesday. Sounds around us.

26/10 Monday. My best sources of information.

25/10 Sunday. Geography: why it's important today to know it?

24/10 Saturday. Advice

23/10 Friday. Drama movies

22/10 Thursday. The Ideal Speaking Service. What is it?

21/10 Wednesday with USA natives. Volunteers.

20/10 Tuesday. Free lesson with a teacher. @Valeriya Elpatevskaya

Usually, we speak longer than 2 hours

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